Brand story

Mueller----- From love to connection, the constant is the care for health

At the age of 25, young German designer Müeller fell in love with her wife Hanna at first sight at a charity event. As a member of environmental public welfare organizations, Hanna often had to work in countries with serious pollution. She has a severe fungal allergy. Hanna loved cooking very much and often makes delicious food in the kitchen. After being allergic to moldy cutting board, Hanna has a high fever. Müeller felt at that time that a healthy environment was so important! How to have a safe kitchen? He began to study healthy appliances, but found that most of the products were single function and bulky, not good appearance, and high price for customers. So Müeller came up with the idea of designing healthy small appliances. Germany had the world's advanced manufacturing technology, why can't it create high quality, good-looking and cost-effective products? Great minds think alike. Stefan, friend of Müeller, were thinking the same idea at that time. As a product manager with 30 years of product development experience, Stefan was good at integrating global resources. Stefan shared Müeller a global R&D vision. Through 2 years of research and development, screening process, Müeller brand was founded, with German Characteristics ü as a brand logo.

For the brand logo ü, Müeller had a deeper vision: “every time Hanna participates in charity activities, she likes to use a paper clip to hang the photos on a rope. People of different colors and ages in the photos are smiling. These small paper clips are like a link between us and beauty, so I use the its shape, letter U, as the brand logo. I hope the healthy life created by Müeller could not only makes my family happier, but also makes the world more care about health!”