Air Purifier


  • Remove smell and haze

  • Anion purification

  • Lightweight body

  • Silent and power saving

  • Real time monitoring

  • Smart touch

Purify all I can
Start from small

H200 Aair purifier specially for small room

Lighter but more powerful
Powerful and efficient air supply

200m³/h CADR, personal guard all the time
Situable for room under 24m²

Financial freedom
cannot do better than breathe freedom

Pre-filter + HEPA filter + composite filter
Triple purification is more reassuring

Create a private "small oxygen bar"
Releasing negative ions like a waterfall

Pure negative ion current runs continuous purification
Breathe in and out, like being in a raiforest.

Personal protect the respiratory tract
Efficient interception of allergens

Create a pure space for you

30 dB quiet purification
Light sound, no light, no disturbance to sleep

Breathing sound 10dB
Air purifier 30dB
Library 45dB

Notebook size only
Designed for small room

Product Parameter

  • Product Name

    Air Purifier Lotus H200 Series

  • Product model


  • Rated input voltage


  • Rated power

    43 W

  • CADR

    200 m/h

  • Noise


  • Covering area


  • Sensor

    Infrared sensor

  • Air quality display

    PM2.5 digital display

  • Filter life display

    icon reminder

  • Filter Specification

    H11 activated carbon

  • Filter life

    1500 hours